Posted by: Vipin | September 13, 2010

SVA Software Engineering Lab (SEL)

Finally a dream comes true!  A Software Engineering Lab to demonstrate the automation capabilities of various IBM Rational tools.  All in one place!

First time anywhere in Germany and Europe, may be the first time elsewhere in the world, a comprehensive integrated installation of all the three broad categories of IBM Rational tools: Enterprise Modernization, Businessl IT and Systems.  More than just tool installation, our live demo cutting across various disciplines of software life cycle activities, creates a live touch and feel of the possible automation.

Implemented at my partner location SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH, Wiesbaden – Germany, this lab fulfills yet another innovative approaches to demonstrate the value of software engineering.  In the current times of economic turbulence, a value proposition, which can be demonstrated live, surely helps the decision making process.

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