Posted by: Vipin | June 12, 2010

Software Engineering Workbench for Smarter Telco

Subscriber expectations of innovative and high quality content and service for low cost, or even free of cost sometimes, makes business of telecom service provider as very challenging. This makes balancing act of ensuring customer retention amidst burgeoning competition while maintaining operational efficiency as a business imperative.

A software engineering workbench based on Collaborative Application Lifecycle Management solutions provides an environment to create quality content and service yet reducing time to market and operational cost. This is done by breaking of organizational silos, ensuring effective communication and teamwork, reducing the rework, increasing the reuse and maintaining end-to-end traceability.  Tools that form parts of workbench are Rational System Architect, Focal Point, RRC, ReqPro, RSA, RTC, RPC, RQM, RFT and RPT.

Click to access ALM-1672B.pdf

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