Posted by: Vipin | December 18, 2009

How to avoid BIG performance surprises on a Java application?

As functionality, performance is also one of the key criteria of any software application.  Unlike functionality, performance is slightly difficult address.  It depends on many factors: Architecture, network, databases, application server, etc.

Many of the times, we are ignoring the fact that, the basic code itself can play a significant role in the performance of a system.  Some reason or other, this will be unnoticed and unattended to the fag end of the development of the system.  We normally do functional testing on a routine basis to make sure the functionalities of the system are as expected.  Also gives significant importance to regression testing to make sure that the changes are not impacted on the other existing system components.  But how much do we really bother about the performance factors during coding?

If we can really take advantage of a static code analysis on a regular basis, we can surely improve the performance of the system.  If we use a product like IBM Rational Software Architect, we can detect the bottlenecks very easily.  The tool will be in a position to take to you to the functions and give you some intuitive suggestions on how to improve.

According to me, if we can spend some time during the course of development, rather fighting for performance at the end, will fetch much better results.

Let’s spend some time on IBM Rational Software Architect…


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