Posted by: Vipin | December 16, 2009

Are you really leveraging the power of UML and automation?

UML: Unified Modeling Language.  No introduction is needed.  Everybody knows.  When you ask, most of the companies and practitioners say that, yes, we are using UML.  But my question is how much do you really use the potential of UML and the UML tool?  Are you using it only to depict some diagrams using that? Or are you in the real world of model driven development?

A tool like IBM Rational Software Architect can be used to create UML based models and designs. Yes.  This is precisely my point, many of them are using only for drawing some diagrams.  But this tool can do much more than drawing.

Changes are usual.  You need agility to be successful.  In this context, you need to have, not only diagrams or models but you need the real power of model transformations, there by reducing the time and effort of software development.  This may be a point of debate.  I am sure in the long run, if you take into account of the effort and time for rework, with the model driven way, supported with model transformations, you will be saving a lot of time and effort.  There may be some extra upfront investments, for sure, which will later payback handsomely!

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What is UML?  How do we start?  How can I get more information?

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