Posted by: Vipin | December 15, 2009

How to write a single code for both “Green Screen” and “GUI”?

Order of the day is GUI applications.  In the System z world, you cannot live only with this.  You need to leverage the existing applications running on Green Screens.  One of the biggest challenges is how to balance and complement each.  The skills required are different.  Almost a big wall is there in between these worlds.  Question is how to write a program, which can run either on COBOL world, or on the latest Java world?  Sounds impossible?  No. Not at all!

Enterprise Generation Language.  EGL is the answer.  What is EGL?  It is a modern programming language specifically designed to support the business developers.  You don’t have to know about the intricacies of Java programming language; at the same time you can take advantage of all the benefits of Java.

Using IBM Rational Business Developer, you can create powerful applications without getting into the low level details of programming and middleware.  You can create a full function application with your business logic in EGL and RBD will convert the same into either COBOL or Java source code along with the necessary runtime artifacts.  Since EGL is not providing any low level API’s, it is not a good tool for system programming.  EGL is very powerful for transactional business services.

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Novice Corner:

EGL:  Enterprise Generation Language:  What is EGL?  Why you need this?  What are all it can do?  What are the unique benefits of this?  To begin, read this..


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