Posted by: Vipin | December 11, 2009

How to work hand-in-hand with Old (tough & stable) & Yong (agile & flexible)?

Development on a system z environment is complex. Why complex, because opportunities are enormous.  We can run time tested core applications, we can extend the same to SOA, we can have collaborative portals, etc.  In order to make all this happen, we have to use various development platforms and development methodologies.  To a great extend all these challenges can be reduced by a common development environment like IBM Rational Developer for System z.

But the collaboration and communication challenges are still there.  It will be more, when a distributed team is on the job.  At this point, IBM Rational Team Concert for System z, is the right solution.  The “Jazz” platform provides the collaboration and communication; IBM Rational Developer for System z provides the multiplatform development capabilities.  Along with the collaboration, “Jazz” platform also provides the possibilities to application lifecycle management capabilities.

Ability to do multiplatform development, collaboration and communication facilities to reduce the information silos and along with a common repository, the application development or enterprise modernization on System z will be a real new experience!

Now the question is where and how to start?  I am sure this article gives you a beautiful starting point.  Read more…


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