Posted by: Vipin | December 10, 2009

How can we effectively automate M&A tasks on a CMMI implementation?

Many organizations worldwide have very successfully implemented CMMI.  As a part of process improvement, one has to identify the current status of process maturity and has to have a roadmap for higher maturity levels.  In this process, Measurement & Analysis plays a big role.

In order to implement a good measurement practice, you need to know:

  • What is to be measured?
  • What data to be collected?
  • How to distill information from the collected Data?
  • What are the best practices to be followed? Etc.

This will vary from organization to organization, their current process maturity levels, size and complexity of the project, etc.  But there are some common things:

  • Identification of the right techniques to be deployed
  • Automation of various tasks involved
  • Effective data collection with automation

Organizations with great effort implement a process improvement model.  Once they successfully implement CMMI and get the assessment done, the first part is over.  Maintaining the process improvement task continuously is another challenge.  I feel at this area, the Measurement & Analysis plays the big role.  We have to spend more time to analyze the right information, than collecting the same from different sources on a routine basis.

In this context, “IBM Rational Dashboard” comes very handy to automate various tasks in the Measurement & Analysis process area of CMMI.   It helps you:

  • Improve analyses of strategic and operational decisions
  • Empower teams to make information-based decisions
  • Enable continual improvement using metrics and measurements
  • Implement best practices with guidance and compliance tracking

So let’s spend more time to take informed decisions, than just collecting the data.

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