Posted by: Vipin | December 9, 2009

Disaster assured: with an “optimistic tester” or with a “pessimistic architect”!

There are two types (mainly) of people in the world.  One set is optimistic and the other is pessimistic.  A truth that everybody knows.  I am not trying to say one is good and other is bad.  No.

When it comes to the software development world, this has a very significant role, like in many other fields.  If you have an optimistic person, who is in the role of an architect, he can dream about many possibilities and can find a way to do them.  This is why we are getting, many new solutions, new products and new features to various existing products.  When the customer or market demands for any new additions, sometime it may by something looks like a dream (sometime looks even mad), still, he who thinks positively and makes it a reality.  This is what an optimistic person can contribute.  Just imagine the case of an individual with a pessimistic approach and does the job of an architect, need not explain, it is a disaster!

So, do I mean that only optimistic people have potential to be in the IT field?  No; absolutely not.  In my opinion, those who have the habit of “doubts”, or unnecessary worries about things may go wrong, are the best people for “Software testing”.  Those who have these pessimistic tastes are the excellent assets for a testing team.  He will be able to find many more bugs in the system than one who looks at the same with an optimistic glass.

I have come across a lot of books advocating on “ How to become optimistic?” and be successful in lives.  I sincerely feel, it is not an easy thing to change, just by reading a book, or click of a button!  It has developed over a period of time. Of course, nothing is impossible!  But my question is, why do you worry about that? Convert that as an asset, at least in the IT field and be successful.  One more point, we need a lot of people like that, because, still many of us believe that software testing cannot be automated, but has to be done manually!

To me, what I have learned in life is very simple, be what you are and do what you sincerely like, and then success is yours.

Try not becoming an “optimistic tester” or to be  a “pessimistic architect”!


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