Posted by: Vipin | December 6, 2009

Big or small, for any size, “Jazz” platform is ideal to reduce the development cost!

Today is the day of distributed software development.  Multiple teams in multiple geographies and time zones.  Coordinating with the teams of teams has three major challenges.

  • Effective communication
  • Task management
  • Consolidation and reporting

The new IBM Rational collaborative development platform “Jazz” can help in this regard.  “Jazz” is a scalable, extensible team collaboration platform.  “Jazz” is a technology platform.  It is the foundation.

IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) is the first product on “Jazz”.   It is a full-fledged agile collaborative development environment.  It provides capabilities of

  • Agile planning
  • Work item management
  • Source code control
  • Build management
  • Project management
  • Real-time integrated reporting
  • Process support

Now let’s examine how it can reduce the actual development cost.  In a development scenario, source code management and change management are two important aspects.  Most of the teams are using either a commercially available tool or a home grown/open source tool for this.

Where as in IBM Rational Team Concert these are integrated.  You need not have to have another tool for this.  This saves cost in two ways:

No need of additional licenses and no extra administrative overheads.

The second part of cost reduction is on reporting.  This is one area; many project teams are spending a lot of time.  Per say reporting will not take much of time, but gathering data from relevant tools and repositories, takes a considerable amount of time.  When it comes to the case of IBM Rational Team Concert, you can create various reporting dashboards with out any extra effort to assimilate data from different sources.  This will be done by the “Jazz” platform and you can have a real-time status.  A choice of dashboards like, personal, team and projects will be helpful to get a perspective of real-time project health.

Thirdly, IBM Rational Team Concert can reduce rework time.  With a timely context based collaboration capability, team members can communicate and record the communications and get it attached with the relevant work item.  This enhances the transparency and productivity.  Obviously reduces rework.

No matter whether the team is big or small, “Jazz” platform will be an ideal solution to save cost.  Smaller teams can have now efficient source and change control systems without any additional investments.  Big enterprise teams can now get rid of additional license costs and administrative overheads.


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