Posted by: Vipin | December 5, 2009

Software Engineering Automation – Let’s do our part to make our world “Green”!

Today, “Green” is the buzzword.   International conventions, seminars, advertisements etc, like that, if you look around, anywhere and everywhere, there is a concern about our environment.  Many Governments are trying to take a control of the situation with new amended laws.  Even though, we still waste a lot of energy on a daily basis!

When it comes to the IT world, Servers, Data centers, Back ups, everything we are trying to make it Green and try to reduce the consumption of energy.  Good.  All these are needed.  But think about a software development center, where hundreds of developers and testers are working.  Do we have a potential to save energy here?   Yes.  A lot.

How it can be done? There are two of ways to do this.  One: you have to reduce the no of people.  Second:  You have to reduce the usage time of these individual computers.  A natural argument will be, when we have more work to do, how can we reduce the no of people and usage?  Again, It’s simple by using automation.

This is not a big secret.  This is what we have achieved in many other manufacturing disciplines.  But, in software still it is too far away.  We have (at least, we think) the luxury of people and time to do everything.  A developed nation, if they find shortage of manpower or under cost pressure, they can very easily find a place in the third world countries, to outsource.  There, enough people spend long hours to complete the 8 hours job.  They spend time on requirement changes, bug fixes, version problems, integration issues, release issues, etc.  A lot of work (re-work) to do.  Resulting long days and extended weekends, somehow ends up spending a lot of time and energy.

I still wonder, when we have enough proven success stories of automation in many other industries, still, why software industry is still reluctant to embrace it.

So, let’s make a new move.   Let’s start saving energy by software engineering automation and start our contribution to the “Green” initiatives to save our planet!


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