Posted by: Vipin | December 2, 2009

When we will move from “artistic” to “engineering” way of software development?

Technology is advancing.  Automation is increasing day by day.  From dawn to dusk, home to office, banking to shopping, travel to leisure, say most of the things we do on a daily basis, has some software in it.

From assembler to COBOL and to the latest generation programming languages, a complete revolution has taken place.  New technologies, approaches and tools – everything is changing.  But, to me, one thing has not yet changed.  The way we develop software!

Yes we do have Web 2.0, collaborative platforms, integrated environments and still “people heroism” is the order of the day.  We are far away from an engineering driven software development scenario.

For many years, when I was living in a “developing nation”, my feeling was that we have to catch up with the best practices in software development with the “developed” nations.  Surprisingly, for the last couple of years, when I have interacted with many of the, so called “developed” nations’ software companies and development teams, the fact remains the same.  Couple of “heroes” does everything!

There are many software products enables the industry to adhere to engineering.  But when we develop that software, many times we forget “engineering”.  In my opinion, software development industry has to embrace more engineering approaches.  Having a lot of technology and automation tools is not going to solve the problem.

Let’s try to move away from the “artistic and heroic” approaches to a more engineering focused development scenario.  Automation without structured engineering base, will not yield any results, but may become a burden too.


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