Posted by: Vipin | November 30, 2009

Requirements driven quality and test automation

As software is getting more and more part of the day-to-day life, “Quality” is getting further more predominant.  When the application is small and simple, we can do manual testing.  This is also true when the development and testing teams are small and co-located

But, things are different when you have a complex system with multiple releases of the same product from a distributed team.  In this case you need to establish traceability from the business needs to the system requirements to the test cases and further.  At this point testing the system by manual way is next to impossible.  You need a regression testing mechanism to test the system on a continuous way for each release. This can be achieved only through an automated test environment.

On a collaborative Jazz platform, we can have all this done with a perfect combination of, IBM Rational Requirements Composer, IBM Rational RequisitePro, IBM Rational Quality Manager and IBM Rational Functional Tester.  This combination ensures the end-to-end traceability as well as Web 2.0 based communication and collaboration.

A traceable requirement scenario with test automation increases the “Quality” and considerably reduces the rework, thus enhances the profitability.


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