Posted by: Vipin | November 29, 2009

How to reduce the overall monthly cost on a System z environment?

System z, one of the most reliable systems in the world.  Most of the mission critical applications depend on it.  99.999…% availability.  Decades of proven track record.  Everything is true.  When the pressure is too high to be competitive in the market, and to stay afloat, every corporate has to look at ways and means of reducing the MIPS usage.

One way could be reduce the usage the mainframe resources for maintenance and enhancements.  Use high productive tools in an external environment to produce new applications.  If you look at the IBM Rational Developer for System z, you can find a perfect fit in this regard.

  • Develop traditional mainframe applications and web services in the same environment
  • Integration with z/OS lifecycle tools and services
  • Web, J2EE and Java development
  • Composite development capabilities
  • Testing and deployment

Have a look at the latest version 7.6


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