Posted by: Vipin | November 28, 2009

Cloud computing! How can we leverage Software Delivery Services(SDS) for cloud computing from IBM Rational?

Software has become a part of our life.  It touches every aspect of our life.  Internet has made our world small and flat.

As the software consumption increases, so the customer expectations too.  This results, increase in complexity to develop and maintain the software.  We have to find innovative ways to reduce the cost, at the same, to scale up or scale down the infrastructure, as per the business demands

Cloud computing:  Cloud is a new consumption and delivery model inspired by consumer internet services, as per IBM.  The evolution of IBM Jazz offerings in the cloud for development and testing can make your team more efficient and agile, with less administrative overheads, finally reducing the overall cost.

Learn more about IBM Rational Software Delivery Services (SDS) for cloud computing.


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