Posted by: Vipin | November 23, 2009

Code quality in a collaborative development environment

The speed at which software is getting developed has increased, the same way the problems too.  One side “Speed”, on the other hand “Quality”.  To find an optimum balance, it is very tough.

Today is the day of “agile” development.  When you really embrace the agile methodology, you have to do a no of small releases.  Things are getting much more complex when it happens in a distributed development environment.  Enforcing coding standards and conducting a peer reviews before code submission for build generation, are the options to make sure the code quality.  Static analysis methods and automation tools are available for this.  Many a times you have to follow the tool, rather the tool follows your process or there is a facility to customize the process.

The new IBM Jazz platform enables collaborative development for distributed teams.  Along with this if you can use a tool like IBM Rational Software Analyzer, which will take care of the code quality.  A combination of Rational Team Concert and Rational Asset Analyzer can improve the quality of the product developed, without increasing your budgets.  Automated code scans ensure the right quality of the code, before it gets submitted for build process.

With the help of more than 1000 built in rules, Rational Software Analyzer can help you to achieve most of the compliance requirements of the industry without worrying about any rework.

It will be a good idea to have a look at the following link to get more details about IBM Rational Software Analyzer


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